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We’re a trusted importer and distributor of top-quality wire mesh, welding rods, and shovels, catering to diverse industrial needs. With a commitment to personalised service, timely deliveries, and competitive pricing, we aim to streamline your supply chain and contribute to your business success. 
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Welding Solutions

Elevate your projects with our versatile welding solutions. From intricate details to robust structures, we deliver excellence in every weld.
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All Kinds of wire meshes

A diverse range of wire meshes. From heavy duty industrial applications to a simple kitchen strainer, find the perfect mesh for your need.
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Dig into efficiency with our range of high-quality shovels. Designed for durability & performance, our shovels make every task a breeze.
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We have a proven track record of successfully importing & distributing our quality products across the globe for over 32 years

Manufactured using advanced technology, modern weaving and testing equipment and a complete quality control system. Supported by our high-level management process we have a wide range of metal meshes with thousands of wire mesh specifications, a diverse range of welding solutions, and shovels.

Our supply chain has a global presence with over 98% of their products being exported to industry leaders in Africa, the U.A.E, the Middle East, India, Chile, etc. Furthermore, the quality of our products meets the standards set by ASTM, DIN, and JIS. Additionally, we have the capability to create custom wire mesh designs to cater to your specific requirements.
3 Continental Regions
S.E Asia, Saudi arabia & Africa
Satisfied customers
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Himalaya's dedication to quality shines through their wire meshes, welding solutions, and shovels. Their prompt and attentive customer service is a real asset to our business. What seals the deal is their competitive pricing, making them our preferred supplier.
Anup Patel
Procurement Manager at SteelTech Industries
HGT consistently delivers top-tier wire meshes, welding solutions, and shovels that meet our exacting standards. Their commitment to product quality and durability is unmatched, ensuring longevity. Their responsive customer service team is always ready to assist, making our transactions seamless.
Layla Hassan
Operations Director at Oasis Engineering, UAE
HGT's wire meshes, welding solutions, and shovels play a pivotal role in our production. Their dedication to quality and robustness is unquestionable, ensuring our operations run smoothly. Their attentive customer service team is always ready to cater to our specific needs.
Rahul Gupta
Production Supervisor at Precision Metalworks
Himalaya's welding solutions have been a transformative addition to our operations, ensuring efficiency and precision. Their responsive customer service team is truly impressive. What's more, their competitive pricing structure keeps us competitive in the market.
Fatima Al-Suwaidi
Engineering Manager at Gulf Petrochemicals
HGT consistently exceeds our expectations with their high-quality wire meshes. Their customer support team is exceptional and always there to assist with our specific needs.
Aisha Ahmed
Procurement Lead at TechPro Solutions
Himalaya's shovels are the epitome of durability and sturdiness, setting a gold standard in the industry. Their robustness is unquestionable, ensuring our construction projects are efficient. With a responsive and dedicated customer service team, our transactions with them have been nothing short of seamless.
Deepak Malhotra
Factory Manager at SteelCraft Corporation
HGT consistently exceeds our expectations with their premium-quality wire meshes. Their exceptional commitment to customer support, always ready to cater to our unique needs, ensures a smooth procurement process. They are our trusted supplier for top-tier products.
Karim Al-Farsi
Supply Chain Manager at Arabian Refineries
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