Square Garden Spade

Square garden spade is easy to clean clean tubular steel pipe handle.

More Information

>Square garden spade is easy to clean clean tubular steel pipe handle.

>Comfortable handle design.

>The blade is made of pressed steel, and the pedal has no top edge.


The square garden spade is Suitable for small tools,big use,coal mining enterprise ,Industry,agriculture.

Working Principle

1. Constant temperature quenching, high hardness

Optimizing high-quality rail steel, adopting the whole body constant temperature quenching treatment, the overall hardness is uniform, the shovel steel plate, broken iron wire, and broken bricks will not be rolled or broken, and it will be durable and sharper and more wear-resistant.

2. Foot pedal design

This square garden spade happens to have a foot pedal design, which helps the product use more energy-saving and easier, strong and durable

3. Reasonable arc design

The angle of the steel shovel is designed according to the principle of ergonomics, making it easier and more labor-saving to use

4. Hard wood handle, high pressure

Using high-quality wooden handle, the wood is dense and has high strength, and is full of toughness and elasticity. The wooden handle has been carefully polished, which is comfortable without rubbing and more slip-resistant.