Farming Hoe

Farming Hoe the design of radian and angle is more convenient to save physical strength.

More Information

Product name:Farming Hoe

Digging hoe Head material:Rail steel

Processing method:Integrated roll forging

Surface treatment:paint

Color :any(Order quantity of specified colors increased)



Farming Hoe parameter

H3042LBS210*150(MM)24pcsPaper CTN、wooden case


Product Details

Farming Hoe the design of radian and angle is more convenient to save physical strength


1. Railway steel or 65MN steel

2. Hardening and tempering

3. Painted, polished, anti-rust

Production process

The production of Farming Hoe requires the following generation processes

1) Rounding: Use the round bar machine to grind products of different specifications into a smooth surface of the same size

2) Drying: Dry in the sun until the water content is within 15-20%

3) Fumigation: fumigation at high temperature for 20 minutes

4) Straighten: bend straight to prevent rebound

5) Fixed shape: neatly stacked for 2-3 days

6) Polishing: Polishing 2 times

7) Cutting: cut to the same length

8) Handling both ends: dome, screw, plastic cover or straight cut

9) Packaging: woven bag packaging


Q1: Can we use our own logo?

A: Yes, we can print your private logo according to your request.

Q2: How many packaging do you have?

A: We have three packages including woven bag,box,wooden box currently.

Q3: Can you do our own packaging?

A: Yes, you just provide the package design and we will produce what you want. We also have the professional designer can help you do the packaging design.